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Recreational Area Extension

Police 4

A rear Extension was required to create a new recreational space. The build was to match the existing building.

 Police 3

Foundations were dug out and footings laid.

 Police 2

New trusses were added to create the new roof.

 Police 1

The final result, built to complement the existing surrounding buildings.

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Rear Kitchen Extension

Sept May Apr 2

The Customer wanted a rear extension to the property to created new living space.

 Sept May Apr 3

The existing external wall was knocked through to key into the new block work for the extension.

 Sept May Apr 4

Brickwork was used to match the new extension to the existing property build.

 Sept May Apr 5

Underfloor heating was installed before laying tiles.

Sept May Apr 6 

A new Kitchen was installed in the newly created space.

Sept May Apr 6 

Existing pebble dash was removed and replaced with modern render for a smart looking finish.

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Side Extension & Roof Replacement

James Before

AP Builders were tasked with removing an existing original Dormer Bedroom with a Flat Roof, to be replaced by building up the front, rear and side elevations to allow full internal head height across the side of the property. The existing roof also needed to be retiled in full.


New blockwork extended the original walls to provide new internal space.

James 3

New Trusses were installed to build up the new roof on the extension.

James 4

The existing roof and the new roof space was fully tiled and new windows installed in the extension.

James 3

Final touches to the new roof left the property looking brand new.

James 3

The property finished with the side extension completed and new render to the front elevation.

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